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Founded in 1947, as part of the The Furniture House Agency, a furniture rental store started by Mahmood Yunus, SilverLine was then only the part of a bigger picture. Its inception was at a time when realty and construction was not a growing segment that would witness a sudden boom. 
For years it remained so until there came a day when his son, Farook Mahmood, introduced SilverLine Estates along with his brother Zahed Mahmood in the year 1990. 
It was hence decided that SilverLine Estates would take over the real estate part of business formerly managed by the Furniture House Agency. The Mahmood’s with their keen observance for development and experience, brought the company to the pinnacles of success that it enjoys today. 
Handling the marketing of real estate projects, SilverLine today offers a bouquet of services with a corporate framework which has set niche standards for financial performance, moral ethics, health, safety and rehabilitation, and community and environmental matters. 




Farook Mahmood

A graduate in Real Estate Management, Farook Mahmood has always been a visionary with a keen insight into the future. 
Starting off with the real estate division in the Furniture House Agency, Mr Farook's understanding of the market as well as his innovative solutions to the industry’s problems makes SilverLine into what it is today. 
At a time when the real estate business was uncommon and did not hold much potential, the company was created and gradually transformed into a global player in consultancy, property management and services. 
With a Diploma in Real Estate principles and practice from University of Fullerton, Los Angeles, California, USA, Mr Farook went on to bring all the real estate agents of the city of Bangalore under one roof and set up the Bangalore Realtors Association of India in 2000. 
He is also responsible for the National Association of Realtors in 2007, a national body comprising agents’ associations. This was followed by the affiliation with the US-based National Association of Realtors to turn National Association of Realtors to National Association of Realtors – India, a global organization set to bridge the divide between nations in the property space. 
Currently this multi-faceted Director prefers to indulge in supporting various charitable trusts and arduously works towards bringing about more transparency and professionalism to the real estate business through education programmes for members of the global body


Zahed Mahmood

An expert in the field of Development of Residential Apartments and Commercial Complexes, Zahed Mahmood is the co founder of SilverLine Realty. 
A specialist in the realty industry with a track record of 24 years to back him and a Real Estate Diploma through the India Properties Institute of Real Estate, Mr Zahed is a core contributor to the organizations operations.   
A member of The Bangalore Realtors Association and the International Real Estate Federation, he has been instrumental in finalizing several collaborations with high net worth individuals. 


Zain Farook

A member of the next generation of SilverLine, Zain Farook has been applying his expertise in the real estate and Construction Industry for a period of three years now. 
  With a deep sense of involvement in the development of all upcoming residential & commercial projects, the future of the SilverLine Group can be envisioned with the strategies and innovations that Zain has opted for. He is closely involved in the expansion & growth of the company with a new investment opportunities altogether.  


Danish Farook

The newest addition to the SilverLine Group, Danish Farook with his 2 years of service in the real estate industry; has been researching and developing new avenues for expansion, development and setting exemplary business standards. 
Apart from this Mr. Danish lends his expertise to the Development of Residential Apartments and Commercial Complexes. 
Providing proficiency in improving long term relationships with Multinational Corporations has also been a core contribution of Mr Danish Farook 




At SilverLine we believe in applying a personal touch to everything that we undertake. 
With a very unique corporate culture and in-depth management, SilverLine aims to support its clients and partners as one of their own. 
Our dedication towards global standards, values, practices and professional knowledge makes us go that extra mile and pull out all stops when it comes to making the experience a memorable one. 
Emerging business ideas, individual attention and special interest in clients is part of the SilverLine experience.  
An aspect that sets SilverLine distinctly apart from its contemporaries is the system of transparency it follows. We pride ourselves on being a company that is in sync with the international standards and guidelines pertaining to real estate and have a very disciplined and regulated set of guidelines governing the operations. 
As a part of our Corporate Social Responsibility, SilverLine has, along with the United Nations and Icrea taken the initiative to plant 500 trees at the Bangalore University Campus. 
In association with the Times Foundation and United Nations, SilverLine has earmarked the first week of every October as World Habitat Day. 

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