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Founded in 1947, as part of the The Furniture House Agency, a furniture rental store started by Mahmood Yunus, SilverLine was then only the part of a bigger picture. Its inception was at a time when realty and construction was not a growing segment that would witness a sudden boom. For years it remained so until there came a day when his son, Farook Mahmood, introduced SilverLine Estates along with his brother Zahed Mahmood in the year 1990. It was hence decided that SilverLine Estates would take over the real estate part of business formerly managed by the Furniture House Agency. The Mahmood’s with their keen observance for development and experience, brought the company to the pinnacles of success that it enjoys today.Handling the marketing of real estate projects, SilverLine today offers a bouquet of services with a corporate framework which has set niche standards for financial performance, moral ethics, health, safety and rehabilitation, and community and environmental matters.

Farook Mahmood

A graduate in Real Estate Management, Farook Mahmood has always been a visionary with a keen insight into the future. Starting off with the real estate division in the Furniture House Agency, Mr Farook's understanding of the market as well as his innovative solutions to the industry’s problems makes SilverLine into what it is today. At a time when the real estate business was uncommon and did not hold much potential, the company was created and gradually transformed into a global player in consultancy, property management and services. With a Diploma in Real Estate principles and practice from University of Fullerton, Los Angeles, California, USA, Mr Farook went on to bring all the real estate agents of the city of Bangalore under one roof and set up the Bangalore Realtors Association of India in 2000. He is also responsible for the National Association of Realtors in 2007, a national body comprising agents’ associations. This was followed by the affiliation with the US-based National Association of Realtors to turn National Association of Realtors to National Association of Realtors – India, a global organization set to bridge the divide between nations in the property space. Currently this multi-faceted Director prefers to indulge in supporting various charitable trusts and arduously works towards bringing about more transparency and professionalism to the real estate business through education programmes for members of the global body.

Zahed Mahmood

An expert in the field of Development of Residential Apartments and Commercial Complexes, Zahed Mahmood is the co founder of SilverLine Realty. A specialist in the realty industry with a track record of 24 years to back him and a Real Estate Diploma through the India Properties Institute of Real Estate, Mr Zahed is a core contributor to the organizations operations. A member of The Bangalore Realtors Association and the International Real Estate Federation, he has been instrumental in finalizing several collaborations with high net worth individuals.

Zain Farook

Barely 32 and he already has two large real estate companies in the city to his credit; ZF Silverline Constructions, ZF Properties & Investments. Since its inception, ZF Constructions has acquired large parcels of prime land in Bengaluru, each land parcel holding a promise of incredible appreciation in value. When it comes to real estate, he has all the right answers that promise to get the gold rolling in. ‘When to invest, where to invest, whom to invest with’ are questions best posed to him. His network spans the who’s who of the social arena, the extensive profile of high net worth individuals merely a call away. Not surprisingly, as being in touch with him certainly pays them back in gold, where real estate matters. After all, meticulous analysis of the market workings, predicting every fluctuation and ensuing market movement is his chief forte, with the results to prove his worth every single time. Meet Zain Farook, the young real estate Moghul who has successfully carved a niche for himself in the real estate industry in Bengaluru. He was barely 22 when he forayed into the real estate business.It has been a meteoric climb since. Himself a high net worth individual, Zain’s personal empire extends from IT Parks, ultra-luxury residential properties, prime commercial spaces to other large real estate holdings. Recently, Zain closed a multi-crore deal in the high end residential property segment in the city. Interestingly, Zain claims that the journey so far was not easy. “It requires commitment and accurate understanding of the way the market works along with extensive knowledge of the land scenario pitched against market economics.” But then real estate has never been just a profession for him. “It is a passion I have nurtured since young, to match the yearnings of every prospective property buyer with their requirements met to perfection, put that smile of total satisfaction on their faces of having executed an impeccable deal.” In short, for Zain, real estate is living his dream, daily.

The Right Skill Sets

To execute a deal to perfection, the right skill sets need to be present. Zain has no dearth of them. Be it real estate law, matters relating to property evaluation, predicting market movements, Zain proves to be a master. He has also equipped himself with certifications on relevant segments of real estate, such as the Transnational Referral Certification awarded by the International Consortium of Real Estate Association, besides being one of the very few licensed realtors in the country.

Uncompromising Ethics

A firm believer in maintaining the highest level of ethics in all the deals that come up for execution, Zain is uncompromising when it comes to doing business the right way. “The core values we stand by, the high morals we adopt are the ones that stand by us even in the worst scenario, lending a reputation that is untainted, earning the highest level of respect. Business then automatically follows once this unquestionable trust and integrity is established”, states Zain with conviction and confidence.

As firm as his belief in maintaining integrity is his belief in doing exacting due diligence before taking up and executing a deal. “This ushers in the comfort and security for both buyer and the seller”, he says. Incidentally, his manner of working involves not just executing a transaction to meet monetary expectations.

“Many a time, the buyer or the seller is not clear about their requirement and at times make wrong decisions. Understanding the background as well as their actual requirements and pitching it against the market situation is important so that the right advice can be given.” At times such an advice may also prove to take away the business that is on offer, he says, adding, “What is important here is to offer the right guidance, business is secondary.”

Astute Business Acumen

Zain has an acute business acumen as he avers, “Being in the business last decade and a half brings with it an insight as to the likely trends in the market in the coming years along with the sections that hold a promise of rapid future growth”.

Interestingly, young Turks of his age group indulge in buying cars and other fancy past times. But not so with Zain. “My interest is in land. Land is finite and holds a sure promise” he says, adding, “That does not preclude my interest in cars or in travel. In fact I am an avid traveller and when I travel, the first thing I reach out to is a fancy car I can drive in through the countryside”, he smiles.

An Explorer

Just as high end cars take his fancy, Zain’s unquenchable travel thirst has taken him far, across the world, from the Arctic Circle to Antarctica, trekking, sailing, flying and driving through thousands of miles, experiencing in person the different cultures and lifestyles.

Zain’s other passion is watches and pens, the love for these matched only by his cars and travel. Some of the rarest, most exclusive collection of watches and pens have found their way into his personal kitty and so have some exquisite antique artefacts and artworks that he has handpicked during his innumerable travels. Zain is also an avid motorcyclist, though he has toned down his indulgence. “I need to think of my family now as I find this sport not so safe” he says. A fitness fanatic

Zain is also a fitness fanatic, leading him to many sports besides his regular sojourns at the gym. Horse riding, swimming, golf, trekking as well as adventure tourism are part of his passion as well as fitness regime, the outdoor man in him keeping him not only physically fit, but also constantly energetic and cheerful, serving also to compliment his intense sense of humour.

Reaching out to the needy

Real estate is not the only segment that draws his attention. Zain is a member of various charitable organisations, lending his hand to make a difference where it is most required. One would have to only peek into the volume of philanthropic work he has been involved in over the years to realise the depth of his inclination to serve the poor. While he has been actively involved in the working of the Silverline Foundation, on a personal level, Zain has been instrumental in sponsoring many medical treatments for the needy, providing food, shelter and education for the poorest of the poor.

For Zain, “It is never too young to start an empire, never too old to chase a dream. If you are in it with the right attitude, everything is possible.”

Danish Farook

Danish Farook™ DF™ Director, Silverline Realty (P) Ltd,
Silverline Group Managing Partner, DF Silverline Constructions LLP

Making a Mark in Real Estate


Mr. Danish Farook is a Real Estate Consultant & Developer based in Bengaluru. He has been in the Real Estate Industry since 2002 and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management from MES at Bangalore and a Master’s degree in Marketing and Management from City University at London. He has also successfully completed various courses on Real Estate.

Real Estate Brokerage:

He steers the Realty & Land Banking at Silverline Realty and oversees the Marketing, Management and Expansion of the Business apart from facilitating numerous transactions in the luxury residential, commercial leasing, commercial investments, Joint Venture transactions and Aggregation of Land Banks for MNC's, National Corporations and High Net worth Individuals.

Real Estate Development:

He diversified by adding the Real Estate Development business in the year 2010 and founded DF Silverline Constructions LLP. The company is today a promising young Real Estate Development and Property Management Company which is building and maintaining over half a million Square Feet in construction spanning between Commercial and Residential, Grade A offerings apart from creating a reasonable land bank to his portfolio. His obsession with quality and thorough knowledge of all aspects of the real estate industry has helped the company grow rapidly in strength and carve a niche for itself.

His keen business sense and innovative approach to business is changing the way people look at the property. He brings a new dimension to development with refreshing architecture, convenient interiors and state of the art amenities. His buildings are turning into icons that define good taste and value for money. His high-quality developments are setting a new benchmark in the city and have made a name for him in the Real Estate Industry.

Property Management:

Danish’s holistic and 360-degree view of the property business has resulted in an innovation that is of immense value for its customers. DF Silverline Property Management Services is a concept that provides end-to-end property management services. The company undertakes efficient and regular maintenance of all developments of DF Silverline Constructions. Through this company, Danish keeps a finger on the pulse of the satisfaction of his buyers and ensures that they are comfortable and happy.

Be it regular maintenance or other specific needs, this company quickly attends to the calls to ensure that all developments remain as fresh and efficient, as they were when launched.

Digital Technopreneurship:

Danish is tech-savvy and harnesses the power of technology to make the buying and selling of property of easier and more reliable for his clients.

He co-founded a Tech company that has developed TownConnect. This single App that provides end-to-end solution focuses on Digitizing Residential Societies in Resident, Security, Workforce and Visitor Management and in-Home services.

Ambitious Goals:

Danish’s ambition to build a real estate portfolio comprising some of the most significant landmark developments of the city has led him to pursue his dreams relentlessly. He is known for his keen understanding of the business and an eye for detail. His wide range of contacts and strong negotiation skills have helped him close many high-value deals successfully.

Danish is reputed for his integrity and commitment and these remarkable qualities have earned him a huge clientele.

Man of Many Interests:

Danish has a warm personal side. He enjoys being outdoors and is passionate about cars, watches, adventure sports, travelling and the list goes on. He loves experiencing different cultures and traditions and has travelled extensively across the world. A great collection of souvenirs and curios from several countries is a testament to his wanderlust. Danish is also a hardcore fitness freak. He never misses the gym and exercising, and is an inspiration for many.


Danish is known for his active involvement in Silverline Foundation, the CSR division of Silverline Group. The Foundation’s contribution in the field of education and health care has helped a large number of underprivileged people to lead a quality life apart from various other initiatives.

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